Most of the articles are taken from the major news channels with source link provided on the bottom.
Now please understand one thing. You might be able to see lots of articles on Islamic terrorism, day to day news headlines, lots of hot debates and discussions etc etc…. Say for example, what happend when blast took place in Hyderabad? right from the next day onwards HUJI was being blamed. And with Samjhauta, ISI links/SIMI …. Now it is clear that the same network of hindutva terrorists are behind these blasts!! The earlier news were just assumptions and later was based on facts. The major point is that the earlier ones where there repeatedly on the headlines, and the later was just mentioned in few places. And that makes the difference in mass openion.. Very few gets chance to read the later ones!! Just go through the news articles here which you might have missed out and see for yourself what i mean when I say “Facts”!!

Even if a lie is spoken a thousand times and truth is spoken just once, Truth is truth and Lie remains Lie!!!

There is enough light for the one who wishes to see!!


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