Chronology – Major Terrorist activities in India

Chronology – Major Terrorist activities in India

Following is a chronology of the major terrorist attacks in the country:

  • Mumbai, November 26, 2008: Several killed and many more injured in seven terror attacks targetting mostly foreigners’ hangout places.
  • Cheruvanchery Blast, Kerala, Nov 11, 2008: Similar to Nanded blast. Two RSS men die while assembling bomb. Later on 125 more bombs where found from surrounding areas.
  • Assam, October 30, 2008: At least 45 killed (figure can change) and over 100 injured in 18 terror bombings across Assam.
  • Imphal, October 21, 2008: 17 killed in a powerful blast near Manipur Police Commando complex.
  • Kanpur October 14, 2008: Eight people injured after bomb planted on a rented bicycle went off Colonelganj market.
  • Malegaon, Maharashtra, Sept, 2008: Five people died after a bomb kept in a motorbike went off in a crowded market.
  • Modasa, Gujarat, September 29 2008: One killed and several injured after a low-intensity bomb kept on a motorcycle went off near a mosque.
  • New Delhi, September 27, 2008: Three people killed after a crude bomb was thrown in a busy market in Mehrauli.
  • New Delhi, September 13, 2008: 26 people killed in six blasts across the city.
  • Ahmedabad, July 26, 2008: 57 people killed after 20-odd synchronised bombs went off within less than two hours.
  • Bangalore, July 25, 2008: One person killed in a low-intensity bomb explosion.
  • Thane Blast, June 4, 2008: bomb went off in the parking lot of a theatre in Thane.
  • Jaipur, May 13, 2008: 68 people killed in serial bombings.
  • Ajmer, October 2007: 2 killed in a blast inside Ajmer Sharif shrine during Ramadan.
  • Hyderabad, Aug 25, 2007: 42 people killed in two blasts, at a popular eatery and a public park.
  • Hyderabad May 2007: A bomb at Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad kills 11 people.
  • Samjhauta Express, Feb 19 2007: 66 people killed most of them Pakistanis, after two firebombs went off on the India-Pakistan friendship train.
  • Malegaon Maharashtra, Sept 8, 2006: on Friday, 40 people killed and 100 hurt in a twin blast at a mosque in Malegaon.
  • Mumbai, July 11, 2006: 209 people killed in seven blasts on suburban trains and stations.
  • Nanded, April 6, 2006:  2 RSS people killed while assembling a bomb
  • Varanasi, March 7, 2006: 21 people killed in three blasts including one at a temple and another at a railway station.
  • New Delhi, October 29, 2005: 61 people killed in three blasts on the eve of Diwali.
  • Jalna, Aug 27, 2004: on Friday, at the Quadriya Masjid, Sadar Bazar.
  • Purna, Aug 27,2004: on Friday, at the Meraj-ul-Uloom Madarsa and Masjid, Siddharth Nagar.
  • Parbhani, Nov 21, 2003: on Friday,  at Mohammadiya Masjid, Rehmat Nagar, on Friday
  • Prabhani, 2003: Gosiya Masjid. Exact date not available. Very few articles on net has this reference.

____ – Executed by Hindutva elements, Cases already cracked
____ – Executed by Hindutva elements, with strong Evidence, but investigation still continuing..

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