Posted by: informer | December 20, 2008

Malegaon probe continues without Hemant Karkare

Ruhi Khan, Dharmesh Thakkar
Saturday, December 20, 2008 8:23 AM (Mumbai)

The probe into the Malegaon blast is now at a critical stage. With Anti-Terror Squad chief Hemant Karkare gone and R R Patil out of office, investigators fear they may not get the kind of support they once did.

Senior officers are not speaking about their concerns in public but say they are determined to make sure that Karkare’s hardwork sees results.

“We are in the final stages of our investigations,” said Sukhwinder Singh, Additional Commissioner of Police, ATS.

The Mumbai Crime Branch is investigating the 26/11 attacks. And the ATS team is slowly building evidence against the 11 arrested in the Malegaon blasts case.

In a statement to the ATS, Ajay Rahirkar, treasurer of Abhinav Bharat, has said he transferred Rs 10 lakh from the outfit to fund the blasts.

Gaurav Sharma, a hotel clerk from Indore, has also told them that Ajay Rahirkar booked two rooms from August 1 to 3. The rooms were booked in the names of Ajay Rahirkar, H V Apte, and one Colonel P S Rao Balwant.

Another accused Rakesh Dhawde has allegedly admitted that he was responsible for the arms and explosive training in Sinhagad. The CBI is investigating his involvement in the Nanded blasts on the same premise.

Jitendra Sharma, an auto repair shop owner from Indore, has told investigators that the bike used in Malegaon blasts was brought to his workshop by Ramji Kalsagre.

The ATS is now on the hunt for Kalsagre and Sandeep Dangle — the alleged planters of the bomb who are crucial pieces in the Malegaon puzzle.



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