Posted by: informer | December 17, 2008

Fake Evidence: More on Kasab’s Kidnap in Nepal

The disclosure by a Pakistani lawyer C M Farooque that many people including Ajmal Kasab were apprehended by the Nepalese authorities in early 2006 and transferred to India for interrogation by the Indian intelligence agencies has once again raised the issue of the clandestine detention of foreign national in India and their use as clay pigeons in fake encounters to conduct coercive diplomacy against Pakistan. Ajmal Kasab is the only ‘survivor’ from among the nine attackers who held Mumbai to ransom from 26 Nov and 29 Nov, killing 170 and injuring hundreds and forms the pivot of the Indian argument that terrorism emanating from Pakistan constitutes a casus belli that merits a punitive action against Pakistan.

According to Farooque, who is running a NGO, ‘Voice of Human and Prisoners’ Rights’ Ajmal was one of around 200 people who were apprehended before 2006 and that an application by him to the Nepal apex court was currently pending in which the Indian and the Nepalese Governments had been made respondents. Farooque had held a press conference earlier in which he had apprehended that Kasab and many of those arrested in Nepal and transferred to India would be killed in fake encounters and their bodies used to authenticate sinister scenarios fabricated by Indian agencies. RAW wields considerable influence in Nepal and the unfortunate people who got trapped by the agency had gone to Nepal on legal traveling documents. The advocate confirmed that he had filed a petition in the Nepal Supreme Court in Feb 2008 seeking Kasab’s release which had made no headway thus far. Continue Reading


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