Posted by: informer | November 30, 2008

NSG ommandos emerged out of the building, waving a thumbs up??

Sequence of events: Nariman House

NDTV Correspondent
Saturday, November 29, 2008 12:28 PM (Mumbai)
  • At 9:20 pm on Wednesday, two men came on a scooter at Nariman house, near the Bootleggers Pub in Colaba and hurled grenade at a nearby petrol pump.
  • The grenade missed the petrol reservoir but destroyed the facade of station.After hurling the grenade, the terrorists ran into Nariman House building behind petrol pump, which is a Jewish residential building. The terrorists murdered two people there.
  • A few terrorists then remained holed up silently for hours. They surfaced again in the morning and hold people hostage and the hostage drama still continues.
  • At 9:24 pm, another attack occurred at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus where two gunmen stormed in the station. They hurled hand grenades and fired at the people there.Many were injured after the firing. The terrorists ran out in a short while.
  • On Thursday, militants started firing again and held the people residing there as hostages. Army commandos retaliated. Encounter went on for the entire day, no one could be rescued.
  • Seven hostages rescued at night. Lull after 3 am
  • On Friday, gunshots heard early in morning, exchange took place for about 5 minutes.
  • Helicopters circling Nariman House areas, doing surveillance.
  • Sporadic gunfire being heard.
  • People living around the place asked not to come outside. Area evacuated.
  • Commandos airdropped on Nariman House for final operation.
  • At around 6.15 pm on Friday, commandos emerged out of the building, waving a thumbs up. However, after few minutes, the authorities clarify that the operation is still not over and NSG is yet to capture one floor.
  • NSG said at around 7.45 pm that no one is found alive in Nariman House. Five hostages, including Jewish Rabbi and his wife, and two terrorists were found dead.
  • ——————————-
    Top police officers said that live telephone conversations of the militants on their mobile phones were being monitored at Nariman House as the operation was in progress. A terrorist was taped as shouting on Thursday, once the NSG had begun storming the building: “We have to kill one of the hostages to make a point.” [ ]
    All the hostages are killed. 2 terrorists inside the hose also killed. And NSG Commandos comes out of the house waving a thumbs up!!  How can some one describe that operation as SUCESS??
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