Posted by: informer | November 29, 2008

Why would any Muslims want to kill ATS chief?

Mumbai: The biggest and most horrendous terror strike ever occurred in the history of the country had brought the daily busy life of Mumbai city to a standstill, and has shocked the whole country, as 38 hours after the strike, Mumbai is still under severe threat of terrorists and supposed to be under their control. Although the daily life in Mumbai has come to normalcy and bus and train and taxi services have been resumed, however, there are still some fears among the people.

According to the news received till 12 pm today, one or more terrorist are present in Hotel Taj Mahal, while Hotel Oberoi/Trident and Nariman House is still said to be under the control of the terrorists. According to the TV news, one of the arrested terrorist has given his name as Akmal Khan and has associated himself with Lashkar-e-Toiba.

According to TV channel news, the terror strikes carried out by the terrorist was well-planned and highly organized. It is said that those strikes were taken out by Deccan Mujahedeen.

Mr. Azeez Barni, in his Friday’s issue of Urdu Daily newspaper ‘Shatriya Sahara’, has written a very bold editorial, in which he has raised some questions which suggests that these strikes were not taken out by any Muslim at in any condition. The editorial by Mr. Aziz Burney, suggests that the strikes which had terrorised the Mumbai city, seem to be taken out by a group of terrorists, consisting of several hundreds terrorists, who would have been well trained to carry out such a large and horrible terrorist activity. And there should necessarily have been large and well organized networks of terrorist to provide such a huge amount of arms and artilleries. The editorial further suggests that the group of these terrorists possibly had access to such a safe place to hold meetings to carry out such a terrible horrific act and to make plan so as to perform it. The editorial implies that there would have been separate teams formed for different tasks, such as a team for taking out bomb explosion in CST (VT) Railway station, an another team to bring the Hotel Taj Mahal under their control, a separate group to carry out explosion in Hotel Oberoi (Trident), the team for taking the task of shooting Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS)’s chief Mr. Hemanth Karkare, a team to shoot the encounter specialist Mr. Vijay, and ACP Mr. Ashok Kamte etc.

In his bold and eye-opening editorial, Mr. Barni has also said that the terrorist group also must have made planning and have trained their activists for handling the situation on different occasions, like, in the case of arrests of some of the terrorist, how should they have to react before the police and investigative officers and who will write the script of the statements to be given by the arrested terrorists. The editorial further suggests that there would have been also a planning about with which organization the arrested terrorist would associate themselves. .

Mr. Azeez Barni has written that the killing of ATS Chief Mr. Hemanth Kakrke in this strike itself raises a big question. The person who has achieved such a great task that he had cleared the blemish from the face of Indian Muslims, by holding such an unbiased and fair investigation in the Malegaon bomb blast case, in which earlier, Muslims were being held responsible.

Why would any Muslims like to take his life? Why any organization including terrorist would wish to kill him, at a time when he was engaged in such a great task which any history would rarely show an example of this. And the main thing which should be taken in to consideration is that in whose favour was his killing? And in the case of coming out any hurdles in the further investigation by ATS who would be suffered much from it?

According to the current situation in Mumbai, 51 people have been rescued from the Hotel Oberoi (Trident) and one terrorist has been killed, while another one is injured. There is news of the presence of terrorists in the hotel, to handle the situation the whole hotel has been besieged by the military force. In the same way, Hotel Taj Mahal has been vacated. However, according to a higher officer of Military force, many people have locked the doors of their room from inside, probably with the fear of terrorists. The room about which there was doubt of occupying of terrorists were broken, while other rooms were left untouched. Delivering an interview to a TV channel, the military officer, said that in the Friday morning there have been firing in the hotel, which suggested the presence of terrorist in the hotel and some of the people are taken hostage by the terrorists.

51 people have been rescued toady from Hotel Oberoi (Trident) they all were from the third floor of the hotel. Commandos have reached the uppermost floor of the 27 storied building. It is yet not known as to which floor they have reached. According to the TV news it is not yet been cleared in which floor and in which room the terrorist have kept hostage. According to the NDTV report the operation is in progress in the hotel and that one terrorist has been killed, while two other have been arrested.

Yesterday, many people were rescued from Nariman house. The fourth floor of the Nariman house was occupied by the terrorists, where firings were exchanged between the terrorists and Commandos. The commandos were dropped on the building through military helicopter and the whole building was besieged.

According to the received report a total 125 people have died and around 400 people have injured in the strike. Maharashtra Government has announced an ex-Garcia of rupees five lakhs to the kin of deceased people, while 50,000 rupees will be given to who have been injured in the strike.

According to the last received report it has been said that the terrorist have occupied a ball room of Hotel Taj Mahal, where they have taken many people as hostage. According to the sources the ball room is of a size of 25 rooms. According to the report, fresh firings have been exchanged from this ballroom.


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