Posted by: informer | November 29, 2008

Recap – Second Nanded bomb blast

By Teesta Setalvad, Nanded, Feb 10: Twenty-eight year old Pandurang Bhagwan Ameelkanthwar resident of Rangargalli, Nanded died on the spot after ‘biscuit boxes’ he was lifting at the unearthly hour of 12.35 a.m. on Saturday, Febrary 10, 2007 exploded charring his body to coal. His cousin, Shankarrao Shivram Mangnalikar,a retired Head Master was the tenant of the biscuit godown located at Bhagyenagar, Nanded. The incident is recorded as AD 9/07 and though the police is cautiously terming it as an accidental death, in actuality it has raised grave doubts after an earlier similar blast had injured and killed two persons belonging to the RSS/Bajrang Dal in April 2006. It was in the same locality of Nanded that the earlier blast had taken place.

The blast was of such a magnitude that not only was 28 year old Pandurang’s body chrred to coal but the shutter of the godown was found 15 feet away and windows and doors of the godown blown apart. The retired head master lives at Taroda, Shastrinagar, Nanded. The man who died lives at Rangargalli which is a good 6 kilometres distance from the spot and hence doubts have been raised as to his presence in the middle of the night at the godown—clear questions are being asked about the nature of actual activities in this so-called ‘biscuit’ godown!!! The police have sent the explosive substance for chemical analysis. It is not insignificant that questions are being raised after large packets of RDX were seized in Ahmednagar last year.

I spoke to Anti Terrorism Squad Chief KT Raghuvanshi and he said that he had dispatched members of his team to Nanded. It is to be hoped that matters are investigated dispassionately since there are pointers to ‘RSS/BD terrorist activity’ in this belt.

The Central Government should keep a close watch and monitor the situation. Soon after Friday prayers on Friday February 16, a 5-7 lakh religious gathering (all-India) Ijtema has been scheduled at Malegaon not far away. Fear and speculation is rife that the explosives being surreptitiously manufactured at Nanded were meant to be used in Malegaon. Hence the Centre needs to be extremely alert so that the situation does not get out of hand.


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