Posted by: informer | November 29, 2008

Kerala-Kannur blasts linked? ATS visiting Kerala to probe

Lucknow : A team of Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) is leaving for Kerala on Thursday to see if the Kannur blast of November 10 has any link with the August 24 Kanpur blast.

Two RSS men — Dileepan and P Pradeepan — had died while assembling bombs at Cheruvancherry, same as the two Bajrang Dal men in Kanpur.

After finding a list of Hindutva activists from UP in Pradeepan’s house, the Kerela Police contacted the Uttar Pradesh ATS, seeking details of the Kanpur blast.

The three-member ATS team, led by a Deputy Superintendent of Police, will examine the evidence collected by the Kerala Police, including the papers found in Pradeepan’s house.

The team will also visit the blast site in Kannur and compare the forensic reports with those of the Kanpur blast, said a senior ATS official.

The ATS will also scan the call details of Dileepan and Pradeepan to see if they had any contact with the Kanpur suspects. There are 12 suspects all of whom had links with Bhupinder Singh Chopra and Rajiv Mishra who died in the blast.


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