Posted by: informer | November 29, 2008

Delhi encounter, loopsholes and consequences

The Delhi encounter and the death of two alleged terrorists along with the arrest of others, the attempts are being made to convey the notion that the real minds behind he bomb blasts across the country in a short duration have been traced out. The Police are repeatedly claiming that all these terrorist activities were jointly carried out by the banned organization, SIMI and the Indian Mujahedeen and that the whole enigma of the serial bomb blasts in the country has now been solved.

But then if this is so then not a week had passed after the encounter (was it really an encounter?) then there was another blast in Delhi on Saturday. Again the same old claims that the SIMI and Indian Mujahedeen planned this attack. At present many Muslim youth are behind bars with no apparent reason claiming and framing them as terrorist. If the police are claiming that the masterminds of all the earlier blasts are behind bars and matter solved then who was the mastermind behind the Delhi blast?

However, despite the killings and arrests of alleged terrorists, the series of the bomb blasts doesn’t seem to come to an end at any point. However, some days after the Delhi police encounter, so many questions were raised that none of them had answers. This itself shows it was a false encounter with some hidden intention.

Contrarily, the police of the states in which the bomb blasts had occurred in the recent past, are busy in their attempts to links the bomb blast with the alleged terrorists killed in the Delhi police encounter so that they show that the case is solved and turning away from heir responsibility to have sincere and fair investigations.

According to a Hyderabad based renowned Urdu daily newspaper, The Siasat Daily; after the Delhi police encounter, the Rajasthan police claimed the same group as responsible for the blast occurred in Jaipur on May, 13.

No progress was witnessed in the investigations in the case of bomb blasts in Makka Masjid, Lambini Park and Gokul Chat Bhandhar in Hyderabad as yet. However, immediately after the Delhi encounter, Hyderabad police also started to claim that SIMI and Indian Mujahedeen were responsible for the blasts in Hyderabad. Looking into this all the states in the country are trying to get an easy escape by linking the blasts in their respective states with the alleged terrorists killed in the Delhi encounter.

In this context, now one can easily say that as the people responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent lives have reached their destination as they will be put to death then there will no any instance of terrorism in the country any more.

However, the question that still creates doubts is if there is really such a huge terrorist network in the country who can run its terrorism activity so clandestinely without leaving a bit of information to our dear prompt police administration and intelligence agencies and getting away unnoticed by the radar of our strong and powerful police and security and investigative agencies? If it is so then, why did our police, security agencies and intelligence network fail to get notice of this? Does this terrorist network outshine our quick alert police, administration and sharp intelligence agencies? The encounter in the over crowded area of Jamia Nagar in New Delhi the police killed two terrorists, if the police had desired to arrest them alive, it could have easily been possible. They would have gathered the detailed information from them and had presented them before the citizen of the country, but rather than arresting them alive, the police chose to kill them. If they were the real criminals of the bomb blasts in the country, then they must have been presented to the citizens of the country. The information regarding their futures destructive plan could have been exposed. They could also bring to front all other terrorist activities associated with the network which could eventually prevent any further destructive plans.

However, contrarily the Delhi police, by acting hastily in this case killed both of them who are now being called as the real minds behind many of the blast occurred in the country. Many loopholes however seem to emerge with no clear answers at all. This clearly shows that the encounter was merely a trick adopted by the Delhi police to divert the attention of the nation and to remove the pressure.

Within a short period of four months, the major cities of the country like Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and later the capital of the country, New Delhi were targeted. As a result of these serial blasts, there was heavy pressure on the police, the security agencies and the intelligence of the country not leaving behind union home ministry was were also dragged into controversy. Easy way out to lessen this pressure was to create a fake encounter but then again the talk that in regard to the Delhi encounter for not arresting these alleged terrorist are being proved as wrong and untrue. The voices which are being raised for the cause of fundamental rights and justice are also being neglected. The police are not ready to pay attention to the real facts and incidents. The police also seem to be acting according to a pre-determined planning and strategy according to their wish. Unfortunately the targets of all the actions of the police are Muslim youths only.

The actions taken by the police till date show that in its war against terrorism the police have done nothing but to term Muslim community as terrorist. Many instances of the arrests, tortures and harassment of Muslim youths have been made public. Many a times the actions of the police have been proved as wrong and illegal, but the police continue acting against the Muslim community with closed eyes.

Contrary to this, the communal Hindu organizations have been provided with complete freedom for carrying out any type of terrorism which they do it by openly attacking the minorities and their religious places. Despite their provocative speeches to ignite the communal riots, no action is being taken against these organizations and police regard it unnecessary to take action against them. The members of these organizations were arrested red-handed while making bombs. The police never seem to probe in this angle of terrorist activities. But the never ending harassments, torture which are never proved or wrongly proved by the police never cease.

The police are claiming that it has completely rooted out terrorism from the country by utilizing undue powers through the Delhi encounter. However, they do not have any concrete way to root out terrorism from the country. Rather than adopting the fake encounter, the police should have made fair investigation from each and every angle and exposed the real people behind these bomb blasts, and punish them severely.


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