Posted by: informer | November 20, 2008

Purohit’s aide reveals Malegaon conspiracy

Malegaon blasts accused Lt Colonel Shrikant Purohit’s close aide Sudhakar Chaturvedi underwent a narco analysis in Bangalore on Tuesday (November 19). Chaturvedi’s narco test has thrown up startling facts that will help make further inroads into the investigation.

In his narco analysis test, Chaturvedi has confessed to his participation in the Malegaon plot. He was instructed to keep a day-to-day tab on the goings on in Deolali Army camp and for this purpose was issued a fake identity card (ID) card by Purohit. Chaturvedi has admitted to the role of a certain Army officer in training cadres in use of explosives and firearms and claims he knew the absconding bomb planter ‘Ramji’.

Chaturvedi was arrested by the Mumbai police on November 4 after he was found carrying a fake army ID card which gave him access to Deolali and other Army bases. The Mumbai Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) suspects that the fake ID was provided by Purohit, who is his close aide.

Chaturvedi is an active activist of group Abhinav Bharat and consequently a close associate of main accused Purohit. He was found carrying a fake army ID card and a revolver on his person and was arrested by Mumbai police from Matunga area on November 4.


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