Posted by: informer | November 15, 2008

Minorities panel for probe into action against blast ‘suspects’

The Delhi Minorities Commission has sought an impartial investigation into the September 19 Jamia Nagar encounter in which the Delhi Police killed two persons who were allegedly involved in the serial blasts on September 13.

Members of the commission, led by its chairman Kamal Faruqui, called on Delhi Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna on Monday and requested him to order an investigation to ascertain whether the people against whom police action was directed were actually involved in any terrorist activity or not.

Khanna has assured the delegation that their concerns would be looked into. He appealed to members of the commission to use their good offices to spread the message of peace and dissuade elements who may be nursing grudges and grievances from trying to settle such grudges through acts of violence.

He also drew attention of the members to the recent positive initiative taken on Meera Road in  Mumbai, where religious leaders appealed to followers to not to bring a bad name to their community by indulging in any acts of violence, which is against the basic tenets of all religion.


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