Posted by: informer | November 15, 2008

Blasts take place whenever BJP is in trouble: Digvijay

Apparently taking a cue from Sushma Swaraj, AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh on Sunday claimed serial blasts occur in India only when the BJP is in trouble. Soon after the serial blasts in Ahmedabad and Bangalore, Swaraj had accused the UPA Government of masterminding the blasts to divert the attention of people from the horsetrading of MPs for the trust vote.

“Serial blasts occurred in Bangalore and Ahmedabad soon after the BJP’s defeat in the July-22 trust vote,” said Singh. Demanding a probe into the blasts, the AICC general secretary in charge of party affairs in UP said, “It should be thoroughly investigated who was behind the blasts and who masterminded the conspiracy.”

Addressing the first meeting of the newly constituted UP Congress Committee executive, Singh said: “People should take cognisance of the fact that the blasts took place when the BJP was in trouble. Whenever the BJP is in trouble, bomb blasts take place in the country. When the Tehelka issue rocked the House, Parliament was attacked, Jaipur blasts took place when the Karnataka elections were on and recently when the BJP’s trust motion was defeated bomb blasts took place in Ahmedabad and Bangalore”.

Holding the Sangh Parivar responsible for the blasts, the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister said: “It is intriguing that in Surat bombs were found on trees. I have evidence to prove that the persons owing allegiance to the RSS and VHP were involved in making and planting the bombs.” He added that fanatics of both communities were involved in terrorism.

Singh demanded a probe by the Union Home Ministry into UP Chief Minister Mayawati’s claims that there was a threat to her life.


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