Posted by: informer | November 13, 2008

Jammu mahant in Malegaon blast net

Lucknow, Jammu, Mumbai, November 12 : The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), probing the Malegaon blast case, today detained Mahant Amritanand alias Dayanand Pandey, the head of the Sharda Sarvagya Peeth in Jammu, from his brother’s house in Kanpur. The Mahant will be produced in court tomorrow and the ATS will seek a transit remand to take him to Mumbai for questioning.

ATS Joint Commissioner of Police Hemant Karkare told reporters in Mumbai that the Mahant had a role in the blast conspiracy and had attended several meetings in different parts of the country along with other arrested accused.

“Pandey has deep links with some of the arrested accused. He played a major role in the Malegaon blast conspiracy, and attended several meetings at places such as Bhopal, Indore, Deolali and Bhonsala Military School. He used several aliases and we are still verifying certain details. We cannot say for certain at this stage whether he is an ex-serviceman. He was mentioned by several of the arrested accused such as Purohit and Raikar, and we had his photograph and mobile phone numbers,” Karkare said.

In Jammu, police questioned chartered accountant V K Kapoor and his son Pawan after the address of a trust the Mahant runs — Kashyapmeru Shankaracharya Amritanand Vedic Vishva Kalyan Trust — turned out to be their office-cum-residence at 248, Sector-1 A, Trikuta Nagar. The Kapoors said the Mahant used the address to get the trust registered since he did not have a place of his own.

The Mahant, who moved around Jammu under police escort, is known to senior officials. He has been visiting Kashmiri Pandit camps — the Sharda Peeth shrine is in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Kashmiri Pandits have been demanding that they be allowed to visit it through the cross-LoC route — and been to the Valley several times. During the Jammu agitation over the Amarnath shrine land transfer, he addressed a press conference along with the Shri Amarnath Sangarsh Samiti convenor Leela Karn Sharma at Geeta Bhawan.

Sharma today said: “Many people, including religious gurus used to visit us, to extend support at that time. We knew nothing about them. He (the Mahant) was a very high profile, religious person. He even expressed concern about my safety, asked me to give him an application. He said he would talk to the Union Home Minister about getting me police protection.”

In Lucknow, UP Addl DG (Law and Order) Brij Lal said: “The original identity of the suspect (Mahant) was Sudhakar Dwivedi, a native of Varanasi. The house from where the detention was made is owned by his brother Pushkar Dwivedi who is a lawyer in Kanpur. Maharashtra ATS ACP Manmohan Kulkarni came with a Nashik court order and a team of the UP ATS helped them in the operation.”The ATS landed at Bakarmandi Rawatpur locality in Kalyanpur area of Kanpur and picked up the Mahant around 2.30 pm.

According to Brij Lal, Pandey identified himself as Mahant Amritanand, the peethadheeshwar of Sharda Sarvagya Peeth in Jammu. He told police he had been living at 248, Sector-1 A, Trikuta Nagar in Jammu since 2003.

The Mahant told police he changed his name from Sudhakar Dwivedi to Dayanand Pandey eight years ago when he joined the peeth. His guru, he said, gave him the name Amritanand on completion of deeksha.

In Jammu, charted accountant V K Kapoor told The Indian Express that he came in contact with the Mahant some years ago at the residence of former BJP MLA Rishi Kumar Koushal who founded the Jammu Praja Parishad. The Mahant told Kapoor he wanted to float a charitable trust and sought his services as a chartered accountant.

“I agreed. Since he did not have any premises to open the trust office, he wanted to use my office-cum-residence address for the registration,” Kapoor said, adding that the trust was registered in 2003.

He said he use to file the annual returns of the trust with the Income Tax department in Jammu. He is said to have told police that he had been asking the Mahant to change the trust address.

“Barring this, we knew nothing about him. Even I did not know him as Pandey. We only knew his name was Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Amritanannad Dev Teerath, Sarvaghyapeethadishwar,” Kapoor said.

Ajay Charangoo, convenor of Panun Kashmir, said the Mahant had visited his residence four-five years ago. “He was introduced to me as a religious saint, I was not aware of his antecedents,” he said. R L Bhat of Sanjeevi Sharda Kendra, another organisation of Kashmiri Pandits, said he had met the Mahant many times at functions. “He was a high profile person, moving under police escort. He used to visit migrant camps to give religious talks,” Bhat said….



  1. These type of people have made our religious shameful .Our religion teaches us kindness .Even from our very younger age our parents teach us to be kind and humrous towards plants even they told us not to touch the trees in the evening as they are sleeping .
    Our rligion does not teach us all this .

    This is a blur on our saints also .
    Hinduism -Daya dharam ka mole hai

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