Posted by: informer | November 13, 2008

125 crude bombs seized in Kerala

Kannur, November 13: : Police on Wednesday unearthed 125 powerful crude bombs from a vacant plot at north Poilur, about 45 km from Kannur, in this politically sensitive district.The bombs, kept in four gunny bags, were found concealed in a bush at Maliyad Kunnu under the Kolavalloor police station limits by a raiding police party led by Thalassery DySP Prakashan, a senior police official said. Top police officials have rushed to the spot.

Police had intensified raids in the area following the death of two RSS activists in a bomb explosion at nearby Cheruvanchery on Nov 10 as the youth were suspected to have been engaged in either making or shifting the crude bombs.

A day after the death of RSS men on Monday last, Police had recovered 18 crude bombs from a private plot, some 100 metres away from the site of the powerful explosion.

death of two RSS activists in a bomb explosion at nearby Cheruvanchery on Nov 10  –> why this news was not found in any of the major new channels? I was searching for this news with all combinations of keyword, but couldn’t find anywhere on net. So what if they couldnt have siezed this 125 crude bombs, this news wouldnt have come out at all in?? Ofcourse the news was there in local newspapers in kerala. The fact is that, lot many RSS members are being killed in many places during their handling with bombs!! And you wont find them in major medias, except in local news papers.


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