Posted by: informer | November 9, 2008

Modi funding Sadhvi’s NGOs: Digvijay

Bhopal, November 3: : Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Sunday alleged that Sadhvi Pragya Singh and her family prospered in Surat because the NGOs she runs there receive funds from the Narendra Modi Government. So much so that the Sadhvi had campaigned for Modi in the last elections.“It’s a matter of investigation as to how a poor family from Bhind relocated to Surat to improve its financial condition and managed to prosper within such a short time,” said the former CM of Madhya Pradesh. It should also be probed if the Sadhvi had a role in planting the bombs that were recovered from Surat soon after the Ahmedabad blasts, he added.

“Violence has always been part of the RSS culture,” he alleged, adding that around a hundred organisations draw their strength from the parent body and its ideology.

“Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination by Nathuram Godse was the first act of terrorism because it was born out of ideology. It’s the same ideology that is behind the recent spate of violence,” he said in what was the Congress’s strongest attack yet on the Sangh Parivar and the BJP since the arrests of the Sadhvi and her associates in connection with the Malegaon blasts. “Everytime the BJP is in trouble, there are blasts. It’s an uncanny coincidence,” he insisted.

The Congress general secretary released a copy of the court complaint against him after he accused the RSS of training its cadres to make bombs. He first made the allegation in 2003 and repeated it on several occasions, citing evidence and stuck to his stand even though the rest of the Congress leadership appeared to avoid its mention.Singh released the court complaint and his reply only to underscore his position that he was not surprised by the recent arrests of the Sadhvi and others. According to him, an RSS activist had been killed while making a bomb in Neemuch way back in January 1993. One of the accused in the case was arrested 10 years later when he was teaching at Saraswati Shishu Mandir.

Singh said he had appealed to the Centre to ban the RSS and other allied organisations, but it did not endorse it and proscribed only SIMI. He claimed he was the first CM to demand a ban on SIMI.


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