Posted by: informer | November 9, 2008

Check ‘Hindutva infiltration’ in Army: CPM

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 7 : With a serving Lt Colonel arrested in connection with the Malegaon blasts, the CPI(M) on Friday asked the Government to take reports of “Hindutva infiltration” into the Army “seriously” saying such incidents had raised questions about the sanctity of the Armed Forces.“So far there was a sanctity about the Armed Forces and that sanctity we maintained and upheld. Now, that is clearly breaking down. So there is a requirement for immediate attention and correction,” said CPI(M) Politburo member Sitaram Yechury, adding the arrest of former and serving officers of the Army in cases of bomb blasts had “disturbing implications” for national security.

Demanding that the “new dimension” to the growing terrorist threat must be fully investigated and the entire network and persons involved uncovered, the CPI(M) leader said, “What needs to be recognised is that some extremist elements both amongst the Muslims and Hindus are resorting to terrorist violence. Terrorism by itself is anti-national and the state should move against it irrespective of which quarter it came from.”

Attacking the BJP for dismissing the serious development as a “sponsored investigation” instead of coming out against such extremist groups, he said “the RSS and its outfits are making absurd statements that Hindus cannot be terrorists. These are the same people who go on talking about Islamic terrorism”.

Now the VHP, Shiv Sena are talking about giving legal support to Hindutva terrorists, but there is a big hue and cry when the Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Millia University talks of legal aid to his students, against whom charges have not been proved, just because they are Muslims,” Yechury said. “So it is clear that even in the manner in which this issue is being tackled, there is a communal bias. Therefore, we have said that without prejudice and discrimination, the same yardstick should be applied to both kinds of terrorism.”The role of the Bhonsala Military School in Maharashtra should be probed, he said, adding that “no private educational institution can be allowed to provide military training”.


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