Posted by: informer | October 23, 2008

Large quantity of explosives recovered from Bajrang Dal activist in Puttur

S.O. News service, Tuesday, 23 September 2008:

Puttur: Large quantities of explosives were recovered in Puttur of Dakshina Kannada district when a special police team raided Radhika Plaza. The explosives recovered were kept there illegally.

According to sources, the police received information and acted on time. The explosives were recovered from Kamat Construction Co. The police arrested the owner of the company Suresh Kamat. The police raided Radhika Plaza at 11am on Saturday.

It was also alleged that Suresh Kamat was a Bajrang Dal activist which the police are yet to confirm as .investigations are on

The police informed that the recovered materials included 397 bags of Gelatin sticks, 1200 detonators and other materials required for making explosives. The intention for the possession of explosives is yet to be ascertained. The people around predicted this to be the planning of a big terrorist attack in the coastal areas of the district.

According to the police, Suresh Kamat had no licence to store these weapons and was arrested by the police. A case has been booked against him under explosives act.

The people of this region who were already scared about the recent Delhi serial blasts and also the news that the explosives for the blast were supplied from Karnataka were further panicked by the news of the police finding a huge quantity of unauthorised xplosives in Puttur.

The investigation is on against the convict Suresh Kamat. It is suspected that the criminals were planning to explode in a crowded and busy area.

One officer also informed that if the gelatine stick had burst then the entire complex would have been in pieces not to mention the number of deaths too.The raid was headed by Crime Branch Inspector Venkatesh Prasanna who was also supported by police personnal Vasant, Shashidhar Shetty, Bhaskar and Shanta Shetty.

Locals say that if the same explosives had been recovered by a Muslim youth then he would be already branded as terrorist even prior to investigations. His house would have been by now hounded by police and everything seized from his house would have been mentioned, photograph and published on the front page.

They also added that if the explosives for the Delhi Blast was brought in from Karnataka then would it be right to say that Muslim youths were involved in the blast now that Suresh Kamat under arrest.



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