Posted by: informer | October 7, 2008

Mishra was free to use her mobile, madrasa tells court

NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 28  The police stand in the case of Dr Madhumita Mishra, who they allege was abducted by an IBM engineer and held in confinement in a Bangalore madrasa, weakened after a madrasa official’s statement that Mishra was allowed to keep and use her mobile even though other students there weren’t allowed to do so.

It was the police itself that produced the madrasa official’s statement on the court’s instruction that they investigate the role of the madrasa in the case in which two techies, Mohammad Yaseen of IBM and Shaji Yusuf of Intel, were arrested. The two are now in judicial custody till October 2 and the court is to decide on their bail tomorrow.

Mishra, a doctor at Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Hospital, Delhi, is married to Subijay Sinha, an ophthalmologist. Sinha lives in Kolkata, while Mishra has been living with her brother in Noida.

She met Yaseen via Orkut, the networking site, through forum discussions on Islam, after which police sayshe left her brother’s Noida home and lived in a guest house before boarding a flight to Bangalore on September 3 to meet Yaseen. Sinha had filed a police complaint on September 7 naming Yaseen and saying that he feared his wife was being confined by some fundamentalist group. He also alleged that Yaseen had demanded Rs 10 lakh when he sought his wife’s whereabouts.

Delhi Police’s Special Cell found her in the madrasa. They arrested Yaseen for the abduction and Yusuf for helping him. Yaseen and Yusuf are friends who had studied together at an engineering college in Kollam.

The statement of Dr Mustaq Ahmed, who runs the madrasa, says: “According to our rules, no student is allowed to carry mobile phones but we allowed Madhumita Mishra to use one as she was a new convert.”

It goes on to say: “Yaseen brought the woman to the madrasa and asked for permission for her stay for few days. By rules, those who embrace the religion have to stay in the madrasa for 30 days. We told her the rules clearly.”

The statement says that the madrasa is meant for women and Yaseen wasn’t staying with Mishra.

Dr Ahmed also says in the statement: “Had I known that the woman was slated to go abroad for a job I might not have allowed to keep her in the madrasa.”

Defence lawyers, meanwhile, submitted the affidavit signed by Mishra, which she gave madrasa before she was admitted. A copy of the affidavit is with The Indian Express. It says she had embraced Islam of her own free will and changed her name to Momina.

A Delhi police team is still stationed in Bangalore for further investigations….


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